Facile is the ideal automated security system specially devised to give you peace of mind in your own home. Facile's control panel features the combined experience of SAET Impianti Speciali, a leading provider of security systems and home automation that is tailor-made to suit your needs with an easy-to-use touch-screen display and a connectivity via the GPRS communications network as well as a host of other web services that the platform has to offer.
Thanks to a graphical interface touch-screen that immediately makes it user-friendly, the control panel is quick and easy to operate and in no time at all you can discover the system's full potential which combines home security by providing control and monitoring services from home burglar alarms to smoke and fire, gas leaks and water damage detection with home automation, allowing you to open and lock doors and windows and control lighting and climate conditions in your own home. Facile offers its customers a web portal that they can log on to at virtually any time via a smart phone application and the site also provides 24/7 technical assistance 365 days a year.

FACILE is Security

Facile offers an all-round solution for your home security thanks to an intrusion monitoring system and a vast range of detectors that can be installed both indoors and outdoors: a safety system with sensors able to detect smoke, gas leaks and potential flooding that can be integrated with the installation of cameras for visual surveillance and recording. Enter in SECURITY page

FACILE is Home Automation

With Facile you can better manage your own home thanks to its fully automated system (for entranceways, doors, windows, shutters) that enables you to keep a close check on heating and lighting resources and consequently achieve a considerable saving in energy costs. Enter in HOME AUTOMATION page

FACILE is Innovation

Facile uses a GPRS internet connection with its own designated cloud server thereby enabling you to carefully monitor and regulate your custom-made alarm and home automation system whether you are at home or away thanks to a simple smart phone application. On top of that, Facile's web portal provides you with a 24/7 technical assistance service 365 days a year. Enter in INNOVATION page